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karen-rands-bioKaren, known inside IBM as “the Deal Maker”, left IBM in 2001 to put her decade+ experience to work on behalf a terrific software technology start up that had been her customer at IBM.  With that decision, her REAL education on the venture capital formation market began.  The company never got funding, in part because of timing, but more importantly because the #1 rule…just because the technology can change the world, doesn’t mean the CEO can.

From that revelation, Kugarand Capital Holdings was born in August of 2001, initially to be an analyst for Venture Capital firms.  Her varied experience at IBM in the PC, handheld, mobile, and wireless sectors and the capitalization of companies through IBM’s Venture Fund and Partners provided her with the foundation for the launch of her company.  From the beginning, she courted two customers – Investors and Entrepreneurs.   Kugarand Capital Holdings evolved into a full service provider for start up and early stage companies seeking financing from angel investors, venture capital, and lenders that may come in the way of debt or equity.

For many years, investors that participated in Karen’s educational program “Learn to be an Angel Investor” had opportunities to apply their knowledge by meeting and evaluating companies at pitch dinners and conferences to consider for investment. That process is currently being automated through an online portal. Karen’s team educates and coaches entrepreneurs on capital strategy and access to capital, and specifically functions as a consulting advisor on investor relations programs and preparedness for attracting and qualifying for financing.  The online portal will only be available to qualified accredited investors seeking access to pre-screened and investor ready 506c Reg D investment opportunities.

For nearly a decade, Karen managed the Network of Business Angels & Investors (NBA&I) in Atlanta, a community for high net worth men and women originally formed in 1994.  This dynamic group of executives and serial entrepreneurs met monthly in a social environment to consider alternative investments and private equity investments that promised to produce a greater yield in their portfolio.

LAUNCHfn (Launch Funding Network) was launched as a brand to work with companies to ensure they are seeking the right kind of capital for their stage of business and executing on a specific capitalization strategy.

To date, over 2000 investors have participated in some aspect of Karen’s investor education offerings and over 5000 have attended her events seeking to meet with entrepreneurs that have compelling investment opportunities.   Furthermore, over 1000 entrepreneurs have benefited from Karen’s teaching and coaching, many of them applying that knowledge to their capital raise activities and raising over $50 Million combined, according to what we have been able to track.

Karen Rands adopted the mantra “Compassionate Capitalist” in 2009 as the economy faltered and it was clear that only capitalism and entrepreneurism would provide the foundation for long term economic growth.   She renamed her radio show to include this designation.  She is passionate about the concept because she believes that capitalism, for that matter, compassionate capitalism will be what ignites our economy, any economy, and leads to sustained growth. She believed that if she could have any influence on moving the capital sitting on the sidelines into the marketplace to be put to work with qualified and worthy early stage companies, great things would result.

Karen defines “Compassionate Capitalist” as: When a person invests time, resources, knowledge, experience AND money into an entrepreneurial endeavor to bring innovation to market, create jobs, and ultimately create wealth for the investors and founders.

Skills & Specialties

Startup capital & seed round funding, Early stage financing, Crowd Funding, Growth & Expansion Financing, Media and Advertising Financing, Capitalization Strategy, Angel Investor Group formation and management, Pitching Investors – Investor Presentation messaging and delivery, Investor Video, Business Plans – for Attracting Investors and Lenders, Private Equity Investing,  Minority share Business Ownership (Kiyosaki’s Right Quadrant), Revenue / Royalty Finance, Micro-IPO, PIPE Funding, Funding Strategy, Angel Investing, Angel Investor development, Venture Capital, Corporate Venture Funds, Purchase Order Financing, Working Capital,  Small Business Loans, Women and Minority owned businesses financing and development programs, Private Placement Memorandum and Investor Offering Documentation (PPM), Reg D, 504, 506, 506c, Merger / Acquisition, Investor Relations, Elevator Pitch,  Strategic Planning, Go-to-Market strategy, Alliance and Joint Venture Negotiation, Sustainability initiatives, Carbon Credit financing, Intellectual property protection, Valuation, Cross Industry and Multiple Discipline Experience and Application.

Karen Rands’ Experience

Kugarand Capital Holdings, LLC – Managing Member & CEO

August 2001 – Present

Offering  companies with a proven track record access to investment capital from accredited investors.  Provides a secure due diligence portal for Regulation D 506C offerings.

Launch Funding Network (LAUNCHfn) President
A Division of Kugarand Capital Holdings, LLC

December 2003 – Present

Companies seeking capital come to LAUNCHfn to get early stage venture capital consulting services so they are more effective in raising capital and more likely to succeed in attracting seed stage to expansion capital. Programs available for raising seed capital, crowd funding, and growth capital.

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Network of Business Angels and Investors (NBAI)
– now the National Network of Angel Investors – Managing Director

1994 –  Present

NBAI was a “country club” for angel investors. The Mission of the Network of Business Angels and Investors, Inc. (NBA&I) was to create an environment for high net worth individuals to learn about, evaluate, and make investments in private equity opportunities. The membership was diverse in their interests and experience. We held private equity forums in Atlanta, GA.

The NBAI has been transformed into the National Network of Angel Investors (“NNOAI”).  NNOAI is an informal syndicate of angel groups that have formed all over the United States from sophisticated affluent men and women that are ready to take control of their wealth creation strategy and are seeking to learn investment strategies for finding, validating, and procuring equity in private companies.  For information information about the National Network of Angel Investors, click here.

Author – Learn to Be an Angel Investor.com — Inside Secrets to Angel Investing

2003 V1; 2006 V2, V3, currently in its 3rd revision to include Crowd Funding and Mitigating Risks, expected out in 2014


June 1987 – January 2001

Varied positions from Desktop Publishing Specialist, to Regional Sales Manager for Nynex Business Centers, to SE Area PC and Tablet manager, to SE Area Pen Technology Sales Manager, to Services Division Mobile and Wireless Integration Specialty Team, to final role as Complex Opportunity Business Manager.

Karen Rands’ Education

University of Florida

MBA, Marketing

August 1985 – May 1987 MBA (Marketing)

Activities and Societies: MBA association officer, Turner Broadcast Competition

Emory University

BA, Economics

August 1981 – May 1985 (Major Economics, Minor English)

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