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Angel Investing… The History, the Definition, and the Trends

What Defines An “Angel Investor,” or If This Is Private Business, Why Is The Government Involved?©

Congratulations on your willingness to explore Angel Investing as a strategic step toward success! This e-book will provide you with excellent information on a full range of topics you’ll want to know more about as you begin your education in this exciting arena. This excerpt is free and is intended to provide you with an introduction to the concepts held within the book.


To begin, do you know where the term “Angel” comes from? It comes from the early 1900’s practice of wealthy businessmen investing in Broadway productions. Being the “sponsor” of a show carried prestige and potentially big returns that could be reinvested if the show was successful. Today’s sophisticated investors with high net worth (Angels) strive to continue their successful business track record by offering expertise, experience, contacts and money, to help companies succeed and grow. The last decade has seen dramatic changes in the Angel investing process, resulting in significant growth in the amount of Angel money in the marketplace. Structured Angel networks became in vogue in the late 90’s and come in many forms, from managed funds to informal business and social membership organizations. The term “accredited” becomes very important as the process of selling equity is a regulated by the government, the book explores whether you meet the definition of an Angel Investor, and  the important economic contribution of Angel Investors. You’ll also learn the statistical (and interesting!) results of the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices year-long study on entrepreneurship which convened in 2001. For example, according to the Center’s research, small, high-growth companies accounted for 70% of new jobs in the last decade. But, even with this kind of unprecedented growth, do you know the seven reasons why so many businesses still fail? As an Angel Investor, it’s important that you know these reasons which are listed in this chapter.

Government Involvement

For early stage companies, Angel Investors provide a valuable and approachable source of capital. Indeed the very term “Angel” investor gives the image of caring, generous souls eager to provide encouragement, advice and capital. Even with this benign impression, as with other investments, private equity investors are subject to federal and state securities laws. The book covers this topic in more depth  and discusses what these laws do and how they work to your benefit. This is information that you’ll need as you work through the funding process with a prospective company, so that you can understand the rules of the game, what investment has been made prior to your introduction, and what follow-on investment will be needed.

Why Be an Angel Investor?

You’re probably wondering, “with Uncle Sam involved, is it worth it to be an Angel Investor?” The book will provide the reasons why the answer is a resounding YES! We’ll share with you the insights of Robert Kiyosaki, best-selling author of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad books regarding wealth accumulation. For example, you’ll learn the difference between earned, portfolio and passive income, and how the rich get richer. You’ll also learn how you, as an Angel Investor, can achieve greater results than Venture Capitalists if you diversify your portfolio of private equity investments in the four ways shown in Chapter 1.   You will also learn strategies to mitigate your risk as an Angel Investor in early-stage companies.

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So, what kind of an investor are you? Let’s find out…

Definitions and Types of Angel Investors

The distinction between accredited investors and non-accredited investors is significant under the federal and state private placement exemptions discussed earlier in the lesson. You’ll want to read about it in order to know what requirements are needed to confirm your status as an investor, and which type of investor you are.

For example, are you someone who can bring name recognition to the company and become a very positive factor as the company moves forward? You may be a Super Angel if you can do this, and if you have a net worth of greater than $5 million. Read about other Super Angels and their role in the company, in this chapter.

If you have a verifiable track record and can bring very specific experience to the new venture, and you want to “step into” an established company rather than create one, you may be a Super Active Angel. Are you an Active Angel? Active Angels invest in multiple companies in amount6s between $20K and $250K. Read about others like you who want to “roll up their sleeves” and complete a task or a part of the strategic plan or for that matter, develop the strategic plan.

Passive Angels typically invest in/through an Angel fund or structured network where they can follow a lead investment in which another Angel Investor they know and trust is taking an active role. Their investment ranges from $20K to $100K with a total portfolio in the $500K to $1M range. They want to be kept informed of all developments, and will become active as a Board member or will lend specific advice and counsel as the need arises.

If you simply wish to provide specific professional services such as legal, financial or consultative, and prefer to invest services in the company in exchange for equity, you may be a Professional Angel. Learn how this type of Angel needs to structure his/her involvement in the company in order to succeed, in Chapter 1.

The world of private equity investing is challenging, yet rewarding. Congratulations on your willingness to educate yourself about this fascinating subject. The “Inside Secrets To Angel Investing” book is your first step toward your success.


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