About Us

Aspiring investors are always in search of good investment opportunities. Their goal is to increase the value of their portfolio, accumulate wealth and when possible create passive revenue streams.  There are 4 primary assets within any well rounded portfolio:

Cash  +   Real Estate  +  Stocks/Bonds/Mutual Funds  +   Alternative Investments/Private Equity

Earning and Saving Cash is pretty much straight forward… you wouldn’t be an investor if you didn’t have that skill down pat.  Real estate investing and traditional stock/bond/mutual fund investing are pretty straight forward so that you can hire someone to invest or manage your portfolio for you based on your set of criteria and goals. Or as you develop your own expertise from workshops, classes, books, and webinars, you may take on investigating and directly investing in opportunities.   However, when it comes to making investments into private companies, the disclosure information isn’t the same as other investments.  The terms of the investment are different and aren’t as straight forward as simply buying and selling stock or real estate.  It can seem like a “secret society” for only the very wealthy because there just aren’t the same educational offerings or strategic advisors for angel investing as there are with the investment assets.

Our purpose and mission is to change that.

Our Mission

Provide world class education that begins with the basics found in “Inside Secrets to Angel Investing”. Provide access to a continuous stream of best of class opportunities to learn from other investors and industry insiders. Create a vibrant and vast community of sophisticated investors that understand the risks and rewards of owning a small piece of many companies and embrace the satisfaction that by doing so they contribute to the growth of our economy in a very fundamental way: Bringing innovation to market, feeding the entrepreneurial spirit, creating jobs, and creating wealth to be spent and invested again and again.  We call this Compassionate Capitalism.

Our Purpose

Remove the barriers that sophisticated investors face when considering diversifying into private equity investment:

  • Increasing their Financial IQ so they become comfortable with the process and the inherent risks that comes with investing in private companies so they will take action and make the investment.
  • Providing access to qualified deals that are interesting, compelling and provide a reasonable expectation of a return on investment.
  • Mitigating the risk (fear) and investment of time (cost) that so often impedes the investment process when motivated investors like deals, want to invest,  but still do not invest.  This comes from being a part of a community of investors to co-invest and a due diligence portal that grants secure access to the documents you want to see.

To this end, we are creating a community of Compassionate Capitalists – The National Network of Angel Investors –  that participate in our online virtual environment and when possible together in board rooms and clubs in their area to:

“collaborate, learn and prosper”

Founders Background

Angel Investing 101 is the brain child of Karen Rands, offered through her company Kugarand Capital Holdings, LLC (www.kugarandholdings.com). Kugarand Capital Holdings, LLC was formed with a specific purpose of helping entrepreneurs build a business that will run like a clock…not dependent on one person to tell the time…thus the business becomes something of value that can be sold, become generational or have value in the public stock market. We recognized that there was a gap in the market for the well made early stage companies to attract early stage money. Since the Dot.com bubble burst and the ‘great recession’, high net worth individuals had shifted their focus away from private equity and new eligible investors weren’t being encouraged to get involved with private equity investment.

Angel Investors are the foundation for economic growth. Without Angel Investors to invest in the next great company before they are a great company, we run the risk of not having great companies continue to grow and expand our economy. We believe, by providing education and a productive environment for angel investors to collaborate, lean and prosper, we will all benefit

Kugarand Holdings launched the How to Be an Angel Investor eZine earlier in 2004, with the goal of creating a new generation of angel investors. In 2005, we closed on the acquisition of the Network of Business Angels and Investors, Inc, to bring the long history of that angel member group together with the innovation of Angel Investing 101. As we weathered the economic storm during the recession, we realized that the old model wasn’t working.   We had dozens of investors attend our pitch events, with full intention of investing, but because they were busy keeping their own businesses going, they found they had little time for the due diligence, and as a geographic base group, they simply could not bring sufficient capital to the deal to ensure the success of the company they needed to be able to engage many more investors to get the deal done.

The Future

The National Network of Angel Investors (NNOAI) is both virtual and geographic.  It is built from sophisticated investors looking to align with an investor group based on specific interests or within as specific geography.  Individually and as their group grows, they enjoy membership in the National Network of Angel Investors to co-invest and share their opportunities with other investor groups.  Joining in an investment with a group with potential for many other investors increasing the likelihood that the company the want to invest capital, resources, and expertise into, will get all that they need from the community to succeed.

They will have access to better deal flow that they may not know about if they rely solely on the opportunities within their community.  They will save time because they will only see deals that have been thoroughly reviewed and validated.  Their risk is less than start up stage investment because the companies that will be offered will have already received their initial round, have product fully developed and in the market, and revenues.

NNOAI’s predecessor Network of Business Angel & Investors (NBAI) emerged from the dot.com implosion to become one of the most active investor groups in the Southeast, and being named one of the top 50 angel groups in the US by Inc Magazine.  NNOAI will grow nationally and soon become a dominant force in the world of Angel Investing.